About Me

Hello everyone, my name is IRIS from China and I have studied in New Zealand for three years. I am a person who likes to travel and enjoy delicious food, this blog is to share Chinese food. I also like to study recipes by myself when free time. I believe that delicious food could impact on your feelings, especially in first time.


When I first eat spicy chinses food in New Zealand, I miss my hometown’s food and my family. Everyone will try a lot of different foods in one life but the mood and memory of deep impression food that will never be forgotten. Chinese food culture is diverse and the varied taste depends on different places. For example, people who living in Hunan province like to eat spicy food, Shanghai people prefer to eat sweet food. Many foreigners think that Chinese food is only dumplings or they always ask a question for Chinese “Do you eat dog? Actually, dumplings or hot pots cannot represent Chinese food, these foods can only represent the specialties of a place. The main idea to create this blog because I wang to share the real Chinese food and let people who like Chinese food to know that there are many different types foods in China. The blog will introduce the famous local cuisine according to different regions, which will help visitors to exactly find approving food in traveling time. At the same time, the blog will shade some traditional recipes to let more people to deeply understand Chinese cuisine.