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Nowadays, the Chinese food restaurants open in everywhere but the real Chinese traditional flavor food only can test in several special places.
Sharing the delicious food in different places in China that is my blog theme. When you have a trip, you will try the local food. Sometimes, people remember the trip because there has a very delicious food. I want to share the good place and food with perfect experience and picture for my readers. For my studying experience, I find many New Zealand people who think the China only has two types delicious foods, which are hot pot and dumplings. However, China has various delicious foods in different areas. Thus, I will provide different foods with simple introduce in my blog in the future.I also want to recommend the taste in my memory to more people.

timg 中国

The world has huge foods types and beautiful places; I want to provide my knowledge and experience to people who like finding delicious foods and beautiful views. My readers can easily find the delicious food in accurate location through my blog especially when they have a plan to go to China for a trip. I will give a simple map of location and the way to find a special food with picture, route map and word present.


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