My Personal Brand


I chose to share Chinese food as my own brand because I was keen on cooking since I was a child. In my impression, many things are done at the dinner table, such as signing a contract. I have a lot of feelings about food. Whenever I am happy or unhappy, I have to go to taste food. So, I want to share my feelings about food to readers. If readers do not care about my mood, they will try different dishes according to the recipe. I used this blog to promote my recipes and moods and I also chose Facebook and Twitter to promote my brand. It allows readers to learn about Chinese diverse dishes, as well as recommend some snacks for readers who want to travel to China.
I think my brand is unique because this blog not only shares recipes, but also gives food advice to readers who love to travel to China. My friends all praise my cooking, so readers can rest assured the taste and quality of each recipe. In addition to publishing recipes of different dishes on the blog, I also share daily cooking tips on Facebook and Twitter. Welcome readers leave a message or give me some advices. In my daily life, I usually share my recipes with my friends, so that they can have a good impression of cooking, which is to advertise their brands. My readers will love foods and travel and they should like to try different tastes.


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