Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is a kind of street food in my hometown, the characterized of snack has bad smell , but it tastes crisp and delicious. Every time I go back to my hometown, I have to eat this snack. Every time my friend asked me to recommend a snack from my hometown, stinky tofu was my first recommendation. Stinky tofu is obtained by fermenting ordinary tofu, so its colour is black. Although the stinky tofu looks ugly and smells bad, it tastes really great. If you want to travel to Hunan, it is highly recommended that you must taste the Stinky Tofu. The food in my hometown is generally spicy, almost every dish in my hometown is filled with chill, except soup.



In addition to stinky tofu in  Hunan, other southern regions also have this snack. such as, HanZhou. The difference between Hunan and Hangzhoy is the color of  stinky tofu is black in Hunan, while the color of Hangzhou stinky tofu is yellow. At the same time, people who live in Hangzhou like to eat sweet foods, so they  usually  choose to add sweet sauce on the  stinky tofu. But for me, I prefer black stinky tofu because I like spicy food. Although the smell of stinky tofu is very stinky, everytime I eated stinky tofu I feel so  touched.  Because I remember this is the taste of home. Because the smell of stinky tofu is the taste of my hometown in my memory.




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