Bean Jelly

The hot weather will lead the tired feeling for people, especially in summer, thus, I recommend to enjoy cold snack food in summer. Now, I will introduce the cold snack food which names bean jelly from Hunan Province. It is a cool agar dish that is very typical in the area, made from the flour or green peas. When I was young age, I remembered that I eat the bean jelly in every summer. I have a deep memory that is many children who hold the blow to buy the bean jelly and enjoy together under the big tree. There are many different ways to eat, if people like hot food, you could add chutney into the dish. In additional, people also can choose sour beans, coriander,garlic sauce and dried radish to suit your taste. If you add the brown sugar into the dish, the taste will be like as ice cream.


When I was child , I wnet to my grandparents’ home every summer vacation and grandpa plant lots of fruits and vegetables for me. My grandmother makes Bean jelly for me at afternoons and I sat next to her and watching the making progress. With time going by, I went to other cities to study so that I could not eat the bean jelly that made from grandmother. Nowadays, I always miss the bean jelly from my grandmother in every summer. If the reader is inserted with this summer snack food and then you can try to make the cold jelly by youself.

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