Yunnan insect feast

Hello everyone, today I want to introduce the featured Yunnan Dish. This dish is also a feature of Yunnan cuisine. If you choose to travel to Yunnan, you must try this specialty food. When you close your eyes and taste this food, you will fall in love with this food, but when you see this food, you will instinctively resist. Are you particularly curious about food now? Of course, I have already guessed that when I told you about the ingredients of food, your first reaction will be unbelievable. Let me uncover this mystery now. The main ingredient of this food is insects. Yunnan is a very mysterious place in China. They always do very strange something. For example, insects are used as a staple food. Insects are relatively high-end foods in Yunnan because they believe that insects are rich protein. The main insect species eaten is the worms that live in plants because they are not poisonous. In fact, as long as the psychological fear is overcome, the insects are still very delicious. In normal life, we also encounter a lot of fears, but in fact it is not difficult, the instinctive resistance and fear in your own heart leads you to dare not try. Tasting food is also a taste of the culture in different regions. If there are readers who want to travel to Yunnan, remember to taste the insect feast.


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