Managing online identity

Firstly, my online identity is very important for me. It can impact on my impression from other people. It is a public identity in the internet, thus, any information and post that will influence on my personal image. For my blog, it only has simple information and provide for my course. However, Facebook has more personal detail information, people can easily find my detail. Good way to manage online identity that will more helpful for my public identity because sometimes employers, school will use the social media to gain useful data from my online identity. I can not put many bad picture, for example, ‘drunk’ pictures. Many people will give bad judgment by the ‘drunk’ pictures. Negative picture can not show in your personal social account, it will lead bad judgment from others. This may impact on your impression.

The suitable management way will boost your online identity with very good condition, other people can not steal your important information.




The first step is to check the everything right before post to the blog and edit the front,picture etc for my new blog. Giving the readers better image instead of negative information.

I think the blog and other social media platforms that should be integrated. The reason is different platforms have different people who prefer the platform so integrating my online account that will easily manage various account. Second, when I integrating difference platforms, I could response my readers immediately rather than checking every account.


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