Online safety and privacy

The online safety and privacy is very important because social media has much real information that some people will use the information to do bad things. We should have good awareness to know the online safety and privacy. Through the school courses, I find some ways to protect my social media account. I usually change the account’s password in timely to improve the safety of personal information and I use the complex password to instead of simple password.

I do not use the memory soft to record my account password, for instance, key logger and Google cookie. Many hackers will use the memory soft to steal the public account to gain personal information especially account bind with bank card. Using the smart phone to bind social account that will remind me from message or apps when different IP area to access my accounts. Besides, data analysts will collect information for future using. Sometimes, I answer phone from several marketing company who boost their new products, it is a example that privacy be stolen.

安全 images

Personal privacy is not only in the real word but also exist in the online normally. People should keep their online privacy because it has much value for some people. Therefore, we should disconnect with others computer for sharing data because they may keep the data when someone want to use it. Searching engine is very powerful today, for instance, you can search a person in short time with searching engine at anywhere. Therefore, I put my privacy in high level, I do not open the phone number on the internet because I go aboard for studying alone. The real living address provide for bank or school only. If a investigation let me to help, I will ask their privacy police in advance. Online safety and privacy are very significant in the world, it could become huge problems when you ignore the small problem.


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