I choose the Chinese for my theme to boost the type of foods, so I need more information about Asian food that can help me to gain more ideas and information. I also try to new good recipes at home from the communication group.

I join the public group that names Special Asian Food, this group was establish by a book store in Singapore. It shares many good recipes for people who like cooking. In this group, we usually discuss different Asian special food recipes. We welcome any people who like cooking and want to share good recipes that interested in Asian food. This group also boost some good book with very special food. Our member could get good discount from this book store. The rule is very simple, this group can not accept any negative information, they only permitting post information about food.

The regular activity is to share the recipes and food experience, meanwhile, we can make more friends at the group.

The online group can chat with people who like cooking food from different places, the community gather together with people who interested in special Asian food. Besides, I am outgoing at online group because the keyboard gives me encourage to discuss with others.

Sometimes, I join the group to discuss some Asian food and record several special foods in different places, I could find these delicious foods easily in the future.

I also learn many good recipes from the group, for example, spicy lobster. It is quite delicious for my flavor. I recommended my blog to them so that we can discuss different dishes more conveniently. I think the group of people with common interests is a very happy thing. We can present our own views and opinions on different dishes, and we will give some effective suggestions.

I post several pictures about the group common and post as below:





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