Numbing sliced chicken salad


Today, I share the dish to make a simple recipe, even those who can not cook can successfully complete this recipe. I will cook this dish every summer in New Zealand because the process is simple and fast. And the type of this dish is cold salad, so it is very suitable for summer.


piece of chicken breast or drumsticks



A few onion

Soy sauce

Dark soy sauce

Green onion



Chili sauce (you can choose not to add chilli sauce)


First boil the chicken breast for about 20 minutes to ensure the chicken breast is fully cooked. In the water you can choose to add some ginger and green onions. When the chicken breast is fully cooked, remove it and put it in a bowl to cool-down. Cucumbers, carrots and onions can be shredded while waiting for the chicken breast to cool. The next step is to prepare your favourite sauce according to favourite taste. I like to eat spicy food, so I will put chili sauce when I adjust the sauce. After adding the sauce, you can tear the chicken breast into strips or chunks. It depends on everyone’s habits, I like to tear into strips because it is easy to absorb the sauce. The last step is to mix the torn chicken breast, cucumber, carrot, onion and prepared sauce. After mixing, people can eat it directly, but I recommend putting it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes, which will help the chicken breast to add deep flavour. Moreover, sprinkle a little bit lemon is more delicious and refreshing.


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