Protecting Intellectual Property

knowledge-exchange copy

When you post some article or experience in the online platforms, it considers a Intellectual Property issue. Some people use others articles or knowledge for their business, it is a bad condition and environment in nowadays. I think the copyright protection that depend on people’s mind and quality. For instance, we write courses’ assignment that will use APA reference to protect Intellectual property. Thus, teachers will guide students to respect others knowledge during studying time.

There is my thinking of blog copyright system that should protect users’ IP, they are declaring the IP privacy at the end of every page to remind others. When issues appear from IP area, users have right to protect their Intellectual property through the platform. Besides, the public social media platforms also be supervised by everyone, for example, Facebook apologize for users’ information leak. Some platforms protect personal copyright by direct way, for instance, instagram can not copy others picture through the platform.

For my Intellectual property, I usually choose to trust big social company platform because they have rights to protect their users. Now I am student, so I choose free way to protect my intellectual property. I will care about my blog and article that ensure the IP with legal sharing in other places. Through the courses, I also gain several good ways from classmates or the teacher. For my blog, I will post the copy right statement to protect my rights.

Besides, when you write common on the social media, you should very careful because the law also suit for the online environment.


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