Rice Cooker Stew Recipes

Dangdang, I am coming again. The food was introduced today that is a must-have recipe for lazy people, especially when you feel tired. The recipe materials demand very simple. The main ingredients are rice. It is not recommended to use special sticky rice here. Or if you like soft rice, you can choose sticky rice. Then you can choose the ingredients when you want to eat, such as potatoes, peas, carrots, bacon or sausage. Any dish you want to add in, but it is not recommended to use vegetables with leaves. I generally like to add potatoes, onions and sausages, then add spicy sauce.


Firstly, cut the necessary side dishes, then stir-fry the bacon or sausage, add some salt and soy sauce. The second step is to put the rice in the pot and pour a small amount of oil and soy sauce to prevent the rice from sticking to the pan. In the third step, put the cut garnish into the pot and stir the rice well. Finally add more water than the food in the pot, please remember to heat the water here, otherwise the potatoes will be very soft. This lazy recipe has already been completed. Do you think it is simple and convenient? Not only can you save time writing papers, but you can also eat delicious food.


When I need to prepare the exam, I will cook this dish because it can save a lot of time. It is a good and convenient recipe during your busy time.


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